Junior Jazz Gallery

The Junior Jazz Gallery was launched in 1960, according to this article (“De Linie”, Nov. 5, 1960). It talks about a ‘new Philips series’.

314 001 ARFDutch Swing College BandWeary Blues b/w At A Georgia Camp Meeting1960*
362 001 ARFDuke EllingtonMalletoba Spank b/w All Of Me1960*
362 007 ARFArt TatumYesterdays b/w I Know That You Know1960*
362 010 ARFBix BeiderbeckeSince My Best Gal Turned Me Down b/w At The Jazz Band Ball1960*
362 015 ARFCount BasieThe Golden Bullet b/w Bluebeard Blues1960*
362 017 ARFDuke EllingtonDuke's Place b/w Jones1960*

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.