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Page XX: Calling All Dancers! (7 inch)

Page xx: Classical Favourites, etc. (7 inch EP’s)
Note: 10 inch and 12 inch albums in these series had separate numberings and are listed under Classical/Dedicated series. These EP’s did not have a numbering of their own and are therefore also listed as part of the Classical/Standard series.

Page XX: Dancing Time (10 & 12 inch – Jan Corduwener And His Ballroom-Orchestra)

Page XX: Jazz Behind The Dikes (10 & 12 inch)

Page xx: Latin American Rhythm With Malando (10 & 12 inch)

Page XX: Music By The Marines (10 inch)

Page xx: Music For The Millions (10 inch)

Page xx: Philips Jeugd Serie (10 inch)

Page XX: This Is Jazz (12 inch)