The pages listed below list and show albums for genres other than jazz (and related), classical and religious. It’s kind of a repository for pop, country, stage & screen, latin, children music, etc. The years given are uncertain as they are rarely given on the releases and the information found on the internet or elsewhere doesn’t seem to be reliable all the time. So that needs to be further investiged. Also, several 7 inch records and albums shown are reissues and thus from a later year than what’s listed. The notes on the picture pages give additional information on this and other things worth knowing.

Page 1: 7 inch singles & EP’s

Page 2: 10 inch albums

Page 3: 12 inch albums (LP’s)


Page 4: Accordeon Potpourri (7 inch)

Page 5: Catherine Sauvage (7 inch)

Page 6: Continental Jukebox (10 & 12 inch)

Page 7: Johnny Hoes Presenteert… (10 inch)

Page 8: Livre-Disque (7 inch)

Page 9: Music From Sunny Spain (7 inch)

Page 10: Patachou (7 inch)

Page 11: Popular Parade (10 inch)

Page 12: Sprookjes Serie (7 inch)

Page 13: Wij Vieren Feest (7 inch)

Page 14: Wij Vieren Feest (10 inch)