Jazz & more

The pages shown below list 7 inch singles and EP’s, 10 inch and 12 inch albums. These are all filed under jazz, but the styles actually range from easy listening to jazz, from blues to gospel and more. American recordings, leased from Columbia, can also often be found here. Philips used the letter B to categorize these releases. Sometimes it’s rather confusing; typical jazz issues can also be found under popular for instance. The 7 inch section has two single releases with suffix R: 313 750 RF and 313 766 RF. I don’t know where this character refers to. Because of the artists involved, I listed these releases under jazz.

Standard series:

Page 1: 7 inch singles & EP’s

Page 2: 10 inch albums

Page 3: 12 inch albums (LP’s)

Dedicated series:

Page 4: A Visit To Jazzland (10 inch)

Page 5: Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five (7 inch)

Page 7: Calling All Dancers! (10 inch)

Page 8: Danse Party (Danse Party Chez…) (12 inch)

Page 9: Dance Series (12 inch)

Page 10: Dance With Me (10 inch – Ray Colignon)

Page 12: The Duke Ellington Story (12 inch)

Page 13: Favourites For Ever (7 inch)

Page 14: Five O’Clock Tea (10 inch – Tom Erich And His Soloists)

Page 15: Giant Jazz Gallery (12 inch)

Page 17: Jazz Gallery (7 inch)

Page 18: Jazz Olympus Series (10 inch)

Page 19: Junior Jazz Gallery (7 inch)

Page 20: Popular Favourites (10 inch)

Page 21: Réalités (12 inch)

Page 22: Salute To The Flute (7 inch – Herbie Mann with the Wessel Ilcken Combo)

Page 23: The Bessie Smith Story (12 inch)

Page XX: The Big Four (7 inch)

Page XX: Thesaurus Of Classic Jazz (12 inch)

Page XX: Twen Serie (12 inch)