Klassiek Kompas/Klassischer Kompass (7 inch)

This promotional series was meant to feature 10 issues, so it seems, featuring works of 10 classical composers (their names are mentioned on the sleeve). However, it appears that only three EP’s were released – all of which are listed below. The fold-out sleeves (with attached booklets advertising many Philips releases) are in Dutch (and they are all the same), while the labels are in German (providing the information specific for the release at hand), though the rim text is in English and mentions “Made In Holland”.

099 791 DENiederländische KammerorchesterJ. Haydn1959
099 792 DENiederländische KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach1959
099 793 DENiederländische KammerorchesterW.A. Mozart1959