Philips A 00108 L

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  • This album was probably first released in 1952. The earliest references I found on are from April 1953. The website of Stichting Vinyl Voorgoed (see Links page) assumes this is a 1952 release, because no ads from 1951 can be found where this album is mentioned. I assume this is correct and thus take 1952 as the year of release. In the Philips ad on Delpher, shown in “Vrije Geluiden” (April 25, 1953) this album is mentioned as a winner of the Grand Prix Du Disque 1953. The award ceremony apparently took place in early 1953 and I assume it looked back at 1952

  • The cover shown here has the speed designation unboxed, while the labels show this information boxed. This could indicate that there is an earlier version with unboxed speed information on the labels as well, probably with maroon labels and golden text.