Philips A 00734 R

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  • This 10 inch album was first released on 12 inch LP in 1952 on Philips N 00101 L. Later issues include Philips A 00734 R (1955), Philips S 06101 R (1956) and Philips G 05312 R (1958), all in the 10 inch format. In the US this album was first released on Epic LC 3007 in 1953.

  • Shown is a second press of A 00734 R, probably from 1956. The 1955 issue did not show the text “All Philips records are high fidelity records!”.

  • It most likely is this album (1955 version) which was advertised in “Algemeen Indisch dagblad: de Preangerbode”, on Apr. 9, 1955. Click here to see it.