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  • This album is part 3 in a series of 3, devoted to the complete piano music of Ravel. The other volumes are numbered A 01112 L and A 01113 L.

  • According to, the most likely release schedule for these three separately released albums, is:
    A 01112 L: late 1954 (see this link for a Dec. 1954 ad from “Algemeen Handelsblad, Dec. 17, 1954)
    A 01113 L: early 1955 (see this review, from “De Tijd”, April 2, 1955)
    A 01114 L: mid 1955 (see this review, from “De Tijd”, June 4, 1955)

  • If this schedule is correct, A 01113 L and A 01114 L are released later than neighbouring releases in the 011XX series. I guess Philips thought up this series (actually a re-release of US Columbia albums) in late 1954 and granted the catalog numbers in advance.

  • Shown is a 1956/57 reissue of A 01114 L, showing the text “All Philips records are high fidelity records!” on the back cover.

  • The US albums appeared on Columbia ML 4518, ML 4519 and ML 4520; these albums were probably released in 1951.