Philips 400 036 AE (A 400036 E) (Henk Badings)

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  • Obscure EP, made in Argentina with a catalog number changed to A 4000036 E, featuring the electronic and experimental music of Henk Badings. The compositions were first performed during the Holland Festival in 1956.

  • This EP, which appeared in the Netherlands with number 400 036 AE, featuring a completely different cover, was probably released in early 1958 (or maybe late 1957?). This article from “Het Binnenhof” (Feb. 15, 1958) gives more details.

  • Interesting detail: the word ‘Minigroove’ has been translated to ‘Microsurco’ (meaning ‘microgroove’, rather than ‘minigroove’). The sentence ‘All Philips records are high fidelity records’ is translated to ‘Todos los discos Philips son de Alta Fidelidad’.