Philips B 07081 L

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  • Shown is the first pressing of this title (1955) with a remarkable typo: the front cover reads “Ritmos Argentinas” instead of “Ritmos Argentinos”. Elsewhere on this release the spelling is correct and the reissue (1956-57 prob., including the text “All Philips records are high fidelity records!” on the back cover) also had the correct spelling on the front cover. See image below.

  • Featured on this album were the orchestras of José Sala, Juan Sanchez Gorio and Hector Varela.

  • On the front cover, the same photograph was used twice, one small and one bigger (divided into halves) and a funny detail is that the man’s hand shown besides the woman’s left bosom in the small photo, was erased on the larger picture. The artist responsible for the artwork is unknown.

Reissue with title corrected (source: Discogs)