Philips B 10105 R (Joe Hervey’s Metronome Quintet)

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  • Joe Hervey’s real name was Jos van Heuverzwijn, according to the website An obscure Dutch artist, seemingly with this album being his only legacy.

  • This album was first released in 1953 with a cover with front cover flaps folded around the top and bottom edges to be glued in place on the back cover. The images show this first pressing (I’m not sure if it was reissued, but I assume it was.) The before mentioned website lists Joe Hervey as an artist on the compilation CD “Royal Mixed; Combo’s in Nederland deel 2 (1950-’55)”. The year 1953 is given there and the song(s?) by Hervey on the CD were probably taken from this 10 inch record. The cover construction also indicates that 1953 is correct.