Philips P 07684 L (Marlene Dietrich)

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  • The number 07684 is mentioned as an export number on several UK releases (though a 10 inch release, so with the exact number being P 07684 R). It can also be found on the South African release (also a 10 inch release), but I can’t find the number for a Dutch release (or one from the European mainland). I guess it wasn’t released like originally intended. The number being used for a 12 inch LP release, as is the case for this album from Argentina, is pretty odd and maybe this wasn’t originally intended as well. The 076XX series appears to be exclusively a 10 inch series, except for this title.

  • I can’t say when this album from Argentina was pressed. It was originally released in 1954. Discogs lists the US album as the first (key) release, but I wonder if that’s correct, since the album was recorded in London, England.