Philips P 08043 L

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  • This album was released in 1960. The “muziekweb”-website (click here) shows a CD release, referring to Philips P 08043 L and mentioning August 1960. However, I could not find a European version of the Philips album anywhere.

  • All material (twelve songs) can be found on three Philips EP’s (422 416 PE, 422 432 PE and 422 433 PE) and a selection of eight songs can be found on a 10 inch LP (P 10948 R).

  • This album lost its cover, so only the labels are shown.

  • When searching on Google for “Eurovision Dance Festival”, most links refer to Jan Corduwener. There has been a festival with this name that started in 2016, but I can’t find what it was about in c. 1959.