Philips P 10001 R

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  • Shown is the very first issue of this album with blue labels and gold lettering, and the speed designation unboxed (both on the cover and the labels). It was probably released late 1951 or maybe early 1952.

  • An ad for this album can be found here (“De Radiogids”, Sept. 7, 1952). Note that the ad shows the speed designation boxed. This means that the unboxed logo was used for a limited time only and it was probably replaced in 1952.

  • This album was reissued several times; there’s a blue with gold label version using the boxed speed designation, then there are blue with silver label versions housed in yellow covers (otherwise the same standard design) and in 1956 (or later) it was re-released with a new cover. There are also issues from other countries (than the Netherlands), often using different covers again.