Philips P 10053 R (Pia Beck, Zapakaras, Texas Kitty, Thom Kelling)

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  • Shown above is most likely the first pressing of this 10 inch album. It has a cover made out of one piece, with front cover flaps folded around the top and bottom edges to be glued in place on the back cover. The cover is not laminated.

  • This album was probably released in 1954. Though it’s not on, 1954 matches surrounding numbers in the Philips catalogue.

  • See table below for the original releases (all 78rpm) of the songs from this album. Note that 78rpm issues do not bear the Minigroove logo.

A1, B1 (Pia Beck)Philips P 17217 H (1953)
A2, B2 (Zapakaras)Philips P 17236 H (1953)
A3, B3 (Texas Kitty)Philips P 17238 H (1953)
A4, B4 (Thom Kelling)Philips P 17224 H (1953)