Philips P 17145 H (Jan Corduwener)

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  • This 78rpm record was probably released in 1953. It was mentioned in an ad for Mother’s day in 1952, see f.i. this ad (from “Arnhemsche Courant, May 8, 1953).

  • Both songs are covers; “When I Take My Sugar To Tea” (Fain, Kahal, Norman) was featured in the 1931 film “Monkey Business” (see this Wikipedia page) and early interpretations can be found by the Boswell Sisters, Bert Lown & his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra and Harry Reser’s Radio Band. The song was recorded by many other artists in later years, including Frank Sinatra. “It’s Only A Paper Moon” (Arlen, Harburg, Rose) “was originally titled “If You Believed in Me”, but later went by the more popular title “It’s Only a Paper Moon”. The song was written for an unsuccessful 1932 Broadway play called “The Great Magoo” that was set in Coney Island. Claire Carleton first performed this song on December 2, 1932.” (from Wikipedia, for the complete article, click here). The song was recorded by many artists, including Chet Baker, Art Blakey, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, James Taylor, Paul McCartney, etc., etc. and also, again, by Frank Sinatra.

  • Philips P 17145 H features instrumental versions of both songs.