Philips P 76.105 L

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  • This is a 10 inch album for children, probably from 1952. The speed designation is unboxed on both the cover and the labels. In the Netherlands the boxed speed designation was introduced somewhere in 1952, to replace the unboxed version, though the unboxed logo was shown on the covers a little longer, especially for represses/reissues. I guess it was the same in France, and thus I assume this album was released in 1952. So, a very early French pressing.

  • The blue-ish border shown above (front and back cover) is residue from removed tape. I’m not sure but my guess is that it was not released with tape, holding front and back cover together (top and bottom). Some previous owner must have decided to tape it together and later on another one tried to remove it…

  • The back cover has a sticker at the bottom right corner, indicating this album was once owned by “Anvers Radio” (“Radio Antwerp”).