Philips P 76412 R (André Popp, Cruys Voorbergh)

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  • This 10 inch album, with narrator Cruys Voorbergh (in Dutch), was first released in 1957; an ad can for instance be found in “Algemeen Handelsblad”, Dec. 20, 1957. Click here to see it.

  • The back cover tells about the animation film “Piccolo, Saxo & Company” which appears to have been finished in 1957. It can be seen on YouTube; click here to go there.

  • Shown is a c. mid 1960’s reissue. The cover still shows the Minigroove logo but the labels are from the post-Minigroove area. Actually, I find it a strange combination; one may think a later LP pressing was inserted in an original cover. But I have seen it before and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually released this way.

  • In the US, this album was released as “The Adventures Of Piccolo, Saxie And Company” on side 1 of Columbia CL 1233 (1958). Side 2 of this 12 inch LP features “Passport For Piccolo, Saxie And Company”, which was released separately in the Netherlands on Philips P 76431 R as “Paspoort Voor Piccolo En Saxo” (1960). The narrator on the US version is Victor Borge. There are also French versions of these albums (narrated by François Périer, see Philips E1R 0022).