Vinyl postcard


  • Phonopress was a pressing plant in Heemstede (Netherlands), specializing in flexi-discs and vinyl postcards. It was declared bankrupt in May 1959. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Philips label, but the postcard shown mentions ‘Minigroove’ on the back, bottom left, as can be seen in the scan above. I wonder if they could use the word legally …

  • The obscure artist featured is Marco Secundo and he covers the song “Buona Sera”, most famous in the version by Louis Prima (1957), though the song was based on “Begin The Beguine”, which was originally recorded by Xavier Cugat (1935). Marco Secundo’s version must be from c. 1958 and can be listened to below. The song starts quiet but evolves to a rocking climax, after which it ends quiet again.