Favourites-series, etc. (10 inch)

Listed below are the 10 inch albums from the Favourites-Series (or Favoriten-Serie); this series is different from the 12 inch series (featuring the cover photography by Paul Huf) and was started earlier, in 1954. The Dutch and German series are not separated (numbering is the same).

S 05902 RBender'sche Kinderchor und JugendchorFröhliche Weihnachten195?
S 05903 RGrosse Funkorchester von Radio WienOperettenbummel Im Walzertakt195?
S 05904 RBernhard PaumgartnerDie Salzburger Mozartplatte1955*
S 06000 RTheo Olof, Herman Krebbers, Residency-OrchestraBeethoven1954*
S 06001 RResidency-OrchestraBeethoven1954
S 06002 RResidency-OrchestraC.M. von Weber, Fr. Schubert1954
S 06003 RRadio Philharmonic Orchestra, Residency-OrchestraVon Weber1954
S 06004 RAlexander UninskyChopin1954
S 06005 RWiener SymphonikerLortzing, Hellmesberger1954
S 06006 RWiener SymphonikerJoh. Strauss Jr.1954
S 06007 RWiener SymphonikerJoh. Strauss Jr.1954
S 06009 RWiener SymphonikerWagner1954
S 06010 RResidenz-Orchester Den HaagGrieg1954*
S 06011 RL' Orchestre des Concerts LamoureuxDebussy, Dukas
S 06013 RRoyal Male Choir Mastreechter StaarRussian Folk-Songs (Wagner, Gounod)1954
S 06014 RVienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Broadcasting OrchestraZeller, Stolz, Gruber1954
S 06015 RConcertgebouw-OrchestraP.I. Tchaikovsky, Joh. Strauss Sr., Fr. Schubert1954
S 06016 RMarinus FlipseLiszt, Rachmaninoff, Grieg, Paderewski1954
S 06017 RFeike AsmaC, Franck, J.S. Bach, F. Mendessohn-Bartholdy1954
S 06018 RNetherlands Opera Choir, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Residency-OrchestraVerdi1954
S 06021 RL' Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Bizet1954*
S 06022 RL' Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Moussorgsky, Borodin1954*
S 06026 RNetherlands Chamber ChoirJ.S. Bach a.o.1954-55
S 06027 RAmsterdam DuoW.A. Mozart1955*
S 06031 RBläser-Kammermusik-Vereinigung der Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
S 06034 RL' Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Lalo, Chabrier195?
S 06036 RHague Philharmonic OrchestraJoh. Wagenaar, Peter van Anrooy1955
S 06037 RWiener SymphonikerBeethoven1955
S 06038 RWiener SymphonikerOperetta Jewels1955
S 06040 RIsolde AhlgrimmJ.S. Bach1955
S 06042 RTibor de Machula, Wiener SymphonikerSchumann1955*
S 06046 RPiano Duo SchnabelBizet, Schubert1955*
S 06050 RWiener SymphonikerTchaikovsky - Suite Casse Noisette1955*
S 06053 RConcertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, Philharmonische Orchester Den HaagSmetana, Dvorak1955
S 06054 RL' Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux, Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraMendelssohn-Bartholdy1955
S 06055 RNetherlands Chamber ChoirDutch Folk Songs1955
S 06056 RWiener SymphonikerKhachaturian, Hellmesberger, Liszt1955
S 06058 RMagyar Allami Nèpi Együttesno title1955*
S 06059 RMagyar Àllami Nèpi Együttesno title1955*
S 06063 RWiener SymphonikerWagner1955*
S 06066 RWiener Sängknabenno title195?
S 06067 RTheo Van Der PasL. Van Beethoven195?
S 06072 RRomano Rubato, Bianca RitornoRomano Rubato Plays195?
S 06073 RConcertgebouw OrchestraMendelssohn-Bartholdy - Italian195?
S 06076 RWaldemar Kmentt, Wiener Symphonikerno title195?
S 06077 RCor De GrootChopin-Recital I1956
S 06078 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterTschaikowsky1956
S 06081 RI MusiciCorelli: Concerti Grossi Op. 61956
S 06089 RL' Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Bizet - L' Arlésienne Suites195?
S 06092 RMaria Morales, Léopold Simoneau, L' Orchestre des Concert Lamoureux La Traviata195?
S 06097 RAbbey Simon, Hague Philharmonic OrchestraGrieg195?
S 06105 RHague Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiener SymphonikerBach * Händel195?
S 06109 RFeike AsmaJan Zwart1956
S 06127 RHague Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1956*
S 06130 RConcertgebouw OrchestraStravinsky: Chant Du Rossignol1956
S 06133 RCor de Groot, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1956
S 06134 RCor de Groot, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1956
S 06135 RFeike AsmaJan Zwart - Suite Kerstfeest1956*
S 06144 RConcertgebouw Orchestra AmsterdamR. Strauss: Tod Und Verklärung1957
S 06149 RWiener SymphonikerDon Giovanni Highlights1957
S 06150 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterBrahms1957
S 06157 RChorus and Orchestra of Teatro di San Carlo di NapoliDon Pasquale1957
S 06161 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterFr. Schubert - Unvollendete195?
S 06164 RFeike AsmaJan Zwart - Passie En Pasen195?
S 06177 RChorus and Orchestra of the Slovenian National OperaSmetana: Highlights from The "The Bartered Bride"1958
S 06192 RWillem AndriessenRecital1958*
S 06 196 RWiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart: Cosi Fan Tutte1958-59
S 06199 RWiener Sängerknaben20 Kinderlieder Mit Den Wiener Sängerknaben1958-59
S 06205 RArthur GrumiauxKreisler, Paganini195?
S 06582 RAafje Heynis, Pro Musica, Ned. Motet- en Madrigaalkoor, Amsterdams MannenkoorKerk-Concert Naarden195?
S 06600 RVariousGershwin - Highlights From Porgy And Bess195?
S 06603 RPhiladelphia OrchestraSibelius195?
S 06604 RPhiladelphia OrchestraRavel: Bolero La Valse195?
S 06606 RPhiladelphia OrchestraJ. Offenbach: Pariser Konfetti195?
S 06607 RPhiladelphia OrchestraChopin195?
S 06609 RLiberaceLiberace Plays Chopin1955*
S 06611 RDon Cossack ChorusSerge Jaroff Conducting The Don Cossack Chorus1955
S 06612 RPhiladelphia OrchestraWaldteufel1955
S 06613 RNelson EddyLove Songs From Foreign Lands1955*
S 06617 RIsaac Stern, Alexander ZakinViolin-Miniaturen1955*
S 06618 RPhiladelphia OrchestraJoh. Strauss Jr.195?
S 06619 RPhiladelphia OrchestraWagner195?
S 06621 RPhilharmonische Symphonie-Orchester New YorkTschaikowsky1956*
S 06623 RPhiladelphia OrchestraR. Strauss1956*
S 06625 RPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkBeethoven1956*
S 06638 RPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New York, Zino Francescati, Arthus BalsamBruch, Wieniawski1957*
S 06651 RRobert CasadesusRavel1957*
S 06652 RBudapester Streichquartetts - Forellen-QuintettSchubert1957*
S 06655 RPhiladelphia OrchestraHändel - Corelli1957*
D 99809 RArthur GrumiauxKreisler, Paganini195?
94301 GLConcertgebouworkest, Clara HaskilBrahms, Scarlatti196?

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.