Classical Favourites, etc. (12 inch)

Classical Favourites:

G 03029 LVariousThe Heart Of The Ballet1960*
G 03551 LPhiladelphia OrchestraScheherazade1960*

Classical Favourites/Musik Für Sie:

G 03012 LWiener Symphoniker, Philharmonische Orchester Den HaagL. van Beethoven1959*
G 03018 LNiederländische KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach - Brandenburgische Konzerte1959*

Musik Für Sie:

G 03046 LHubert Barwahser, Wiener PhilharmonikerW.A. Mozart - Flötenkonzerte G-Dur Und D-Dur1960*
G 03047 LAlexander Uninsky, Philharmonische OrchesterBrahms - Klavierkonzert Nr. 21960*
G 03517 LZino Francescatti, Philadelphia OrchestraL. Van Beethoven - Violinkonzert1960*
G 03537 LStreicher Des Philadelphia OrchestraMozart, Bach, Corelli, Mendelssohn1960-61

An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.


  • This series was designed for various markets (languages).

  • LP 03012 and 03018 has cover text in Englisch, French and German and the album bears two titles for the series (“Musik Für Sie” and “Classical Favourites”).