Philips 78rpm records (non-Minigroove)

This page lists regular, non-Minigroove Philips 78rpm records, which are in my collection.


  • The third column in the tables below refers to the 45rpm issue if it’s known to exist (the 45rpm issue features the Minigroove logo).

  • The land of origin for the 45rpm issue corresponds with the land of origin of the 78rpm issue (so a Dutch 45rpm issue is f.i. not listed for a French 78rpm issue).

  • The number used for a 45rpm issue is the same as the 78rpm issue, except that a ‘3’ is added as the first number. Since 45rpm singles and EP’s were released first in 1955, so some 45rpm issues are in fact reissues. From 1955 onwards both formats were issued concurrently.

  • The main 317 XXX series was followed by the 318 XXX series, but it seems there were only a few 78rpm issues for this latter category. They were probably released in 1958, the last year for the 78rpm record. The 319 XXX series is not the continuation of the 318 XXX series, but a separate one.

  • The last table below lists 12 inch 78rpm classical records, of which I have two. The third column in this table is called “Minigroove issue” for now, as I have to find out more about these issues. I’m not sure if the recordings made it to a Minigroove 45 or EP as well.

Dutch 78’s (17000 series):

numberartistyear45rpm issue
P 17101 HKees Deenik317 101 PF
P 17145 HJan Corduwener and his Ballroom-Orchestra317 145 PF
P 17206 HMalando and his Orchestra317 206 PF
P 17207 HKilima Hawaiians317 207 PF
P 17216 HDutch Swing College Band317 216 PF
P 17257 HTexas Kitty1954
P 17289 HTrompetterkorps Regiment Huzaren Van Boreel317 289 PF
P 17301 HStraatzangers317 301 PF
P 17305 HJan Corduwener and his Ballroom Orchestra
P 17367 HWilly Alberti317 367 PF
P 17398 HMaria Zamora y sus Muchachos
P 17414 HTony Vos Quartet1954
P 17419 HBernard Drukker
P 17431 HDutch Swing College Band317 431 PF
P 17507 HBlack and White en the Melody Sisters
P 17550 HAethergeuzen
P 17580 HTobi Rix en zijn Toeteriks
P 17615 HAlie Roelvink

Dutch 78’s (19000 series):

numberartistyear45rpm issue
P 19169 HTrio “Los Paraguayos”319 169 PF

Dutch 78’s (21000 series):

numberartistyear45rpm issue
B 21052 HPercy Faith and his Orchestra featuring Felicia Sanders
B 21476 HNeal Hefti and his Orchestra with the Ray Charles Choir
B 21776 HLouis Armstrong and his All-Stars321 776 BF

Dutch 78’s (55000 series, Danish artists):

numberartistyear45rpm issue
B 55065 HOve Sopp
B 55085 HArne Lamberth and his Orchestra355 085 BF

Dutch 78’s (72000 series, French artists):

numberartistyear45rpm issue
N 72101 HPatachou
N 72109 HHenri Salvador372 109 PF
N 72148 HCatherine Sauvage372 148 NF

French 78’s:

numberartistyear45rpm issue
N 72.064 HPatachou
N 72.109 HHenri Salvador
N 72.155 HPatachou
N 72.158 HHenri Salvador
N 72.175 HPatachou
N 72.191 HHenri Salvador
N 72.201 HPatachou

German 78’s:

numberartistyear45rpm issue
P 44393 HFranz Thon
P 44396 HAlfred Hause

Dutch 12 inch 78rpm issues (classical):

numberartistyearMinigr. issue
A 11243 GResidency Orchestra
N 12051 GResidency Orchestra