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  • This album (horn and bassoon concertos) was released before on LP A 00369 L, which also featured a clarinet concerto.

  • The concertos on 00779 were recorded on March 7-8, 1955 in Vienna.

  • Because this 10 inch album is not mentioned in the Mozart Jubileum Edition booklet (from Jan. 1956, see also this post) and because of the text “All Philips records are high fidelity records!” on the back cover (introduced in 1956), I assume this is a 1956 or 1957 issue. The few reviews on are all from early 1957 (February, March). However, there’s a review about a reissue of this album in “Het Vaderland” (Oct. 20, 1958), mentioning the 00779 issue as from “three to four years ago”. This would suggest a 1955 release (it can’t be from an earlier date as the concertos were recorded in 1955), but I assume the writer got it wrong. Also because LP A 00369 L definitely is an earlier issue and it’s unlikely both would have been released in 1955.

  • The reissue reviewed in “Het Vaderland” is 10 inch album G 05337 R.