Philips N 00618 R

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  • This album can be found on Delpher, ads are being shown for several newspapers, dated Dec. 1953 and onwards. However, since Philips N 00619 R was first issued in late 1952, I assume this one was first released in 1952 as well.

  • In Dec. 1954, N 00618 R and N 00619 R were advertised as “Kerstliederen, No. 1” and “Kerstliederen, No. 2”. Click here to see it (“Algemeen Handelsblad”, Dec. 17, 1954).

  • Philips N 00618 R was reissued several times, shown is an early version (1952 or 1953). There’s also a version with laminated front cover, including the text “All Philips records are high fidelity records!” printed on the back cover (1956/57). In 1957 or 1958 it was reissued with a different cover and number (G 05340 R). See also the previous note for what seems to be a 1954 reissue.