Twen Serie (12 inch)

The Twen Serie was issued in Germany. “Twen” was actually a German magazine, published from 1959 to 1971. Albums were released in cooperation with labels like Philips, Liberty, Electrola and Teldec. Early albums, released on the Philips label, showed the Minigroove logo on the labels. Between brackets (see titles below), the series number is given.

B 47 048 LDuke EllingtonTschaikowsky: Nussknackersuite (1)1961
B 47164 LMiles DavisMiles Persönlich (7)1962
B 681 555 LVariousAmerican Folk Blues Festival (11)1962
B 503 513 LStaple SingersSpirituals (13)1963
840 458Esther Ofarim + AbrahamSongs Der Welt (22)1963
P 14701 LThelonious MonkDie Thelonious Monk Story (25)1964