Classical Favourites, etc. (10 inch)

These series appeared under different names (Classical Favourites, Klassieke Klankjuwelen, Musik Für Sie). The European issues had 05300 catalog numbers, while the American recordings appeared with 05600 numbers. There are a few exceptions though, like G 05656 R. Another exception is G 05340 R, which has a correct number for these series, but it doesn’t fit in otherwise.

Classical Favourites (05300 series):

G 05315 RHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerMozart: Piano Concerto No. 27, K. 5951958*
G 05337 RFranz Koch, Leo Czermak, Wiener SymphonikerMozart: Horn Concerto K. 447, Bassoon Concerto K. 1911958*
G 05342 RConcertgebouw Orchestra, AmsterdamTchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite1959
G 05343 RArthur Grumiaux, Wiener Symphoniker, Mozart: Violin Concerto K. 2161959*
G 05380 RConcertgebouw Orchestra, AmsterdamHandel: Water Music1959
G 05387 RConcertgebouw Orchestra, AmsterdamWeber: Overtures1959-60

Classical Favourites (05600 series):

G 05612 RIsaac Stern, Royal Philharmonic OrchestraBrahms1957
G 05630 RRobert Casadesus, Columbia Symphony OrchestraMozart1957
G 05655 RPhiladelphia OrchestraJoh. Strauss & Sons1957?
G 05656 RRobert Casadesus, Concertgebouw OrchestraBeethoven1957?

Klassieke Klankjuwelen (05300 series):

G 05301 RAmsterdams Toonkunstkoor, Jongenskoor “Zanglust”, Concertgebouworkest AmsterdamJ.S. Bach: Koorzangen uit de Matthäus-Passion1957
G 05302 RAlexander Uninsky, ResidentieorkestChopin: Pianoconcert Nr. 11957
G 05303 RBerliner PhilharmonikerBeethoven: Symfonie Nr. 81957
G 05304 RConcertgebouworkestSchubert: Onvoltooide Symphonie Nr. 81957
G 05305 RVienna Symphony Orchestra, Cor de GrootBeethoven: Pianoconcert Nr. 41957*
G 05307 RHans Richter-HaaserBeethoven: Mondschein-Pathétique1957
G 05308 RResidentieorkest, Clara HaskilSchumann1957*
G 05309 RConcertgebouworkest AmsterdamSchilderijententoonstelling1957-58
G 05313 RAlexander Uninsky, Residentie-OrkestTsjaikowski: Pianoconcert No. 11958
G 05319 RAafje HeynisBrahms: Altrapsodie, Vier Ernste Gesänge1958
G 05320 RConcertgebouworkestJ.S. Bach: Suite No. 21958
G 05321 RI MusiciVivaldi1958
G 05322 RConcertgebouworkestJ.S. Bach: Suite No. 31958
G 05324 RConcertgebouworkestMendelssohn: Een Midzomernachtsdroom1958
G 05327 RArthur Grumiaux, Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxPaganini: Vioolconcert No. 41958
G 05328 RAntal Rorati, Concertgebouworkest, Residentie-OrkestSmetana, Dvorak1958
G 05329 RConcertgebouworkestMendelssohn: Symfonie No. 41958
G 05330 RCor De Groot, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1958
G 05332 RBerliner PhilharmonikerBeethoven1958
G 05333 RConcertgebouworkestMozart: Klarinetconvert in A, K.V. 6221958
G 05335 RClara Haskil, Wiener SymphonikerMozart: Pianoconcert In A, K.V. 4881958

Klassieke Klankjuwelen (05600 series):

numberartisttitle year
G 05600 RRochester Philharmonic OrchestraBeethoven: Symphonie Nr. 71957
G 05601 RDavid Oistrakh, Philadelphia OrchestraMozart: Vioolconcert Nr. 4 K.V. 2181957
G 05603 RCleveland OrchestraDvorak: Uit De Nieuwe Wereld1957
G 05605 RPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkVivaldi: De Vier Jaargetijden1957
G 05609 RPhiladelphia OrchestraBeethoven: Symfonie Nr. 51957
G 05611 RRobert CasadesusBeethoven: Appassionata, Les Adieux1957
G 05612 RRoyal Philharmonic OrchestraBrahms: Vioolconcert1957
G 05613 RColumbia Symphony OrchestraJohann Strauss1957
G 05615 RZino Francescatti, Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkTsjaikowski1957
G 05623 RPhiladelphia OrchestraChopin: Les Sylphides1959?
G 05624 RBudapest StrijkkwartetSchubert: Forellen-Kwintet1959?

Musik Für Sie (05300 series):

G 05304 RConcertgebouw-Orchester AmsterdamUnvollendete1957
G 05306 RPhilharmonische Orchester Den HaagBeethoven: Overtüren1957
G 05311 RWiener SymphonikerRossini: Overtüren1958
G 05317 RCamerata Academica des Salzburger Mozarteums, Mozarteums KammerchorMozart: Geistliche Musik1958
G 05323 RWiener SymphonikerGrieg: Klavierkonzert1958
G 05325 ROrchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxL. Delibes1958
G 05331 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterSchubert: Rosamunde1958
G 05333 RConcertgebouw-Orchester, Bram de WildeW.A. Mozart1958
G 05334 RClara Haskil, Wiener SymphonikerMozart1958
G 05337 RFranz Koch, Leo Czermak, Wiener SymphonikerMozart: Hornkonzert KV 447, Fagottkonzert KV 1911958*
G 05338 RWiener Symphoniker, Tibor de MachulaA. Dvorak1958
G 05348 ROrchestre des Concerts Lamoureux, Arthur GrumiauxLalo: Symphonie Espagnole1959
G 05352 RHubert Barwahser, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1959-60
G 05356 RPhilharmonische Orchester Den Haag, Alexander UninskyChopin, Klavierkonzert F-Moll1959-60
G 05378 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterJoh. Chr. Back1960
G 05380 RConcertgebouw-OrchesterWassermusik-Suite1960
G 05383 RHubert Barwahser, Phia Berghout, Concertgebouw-Orchester AmsterdamW.A. Mozart: Konzert Für Flöte Und Harfe C-Dur1960
G 05397 RI MusiciMarcello, Albinoni1960

Musik Für Sie (05600 series):

G 05602 RDavid OistrachMendelssohn: Violinkonzert1957
G 05607 RCleveland OrchestraDvorak: Slawische Tänze
G 05612 RIsaac Stern, Royal Philharmonic OrchestraBrahms: Violinkonzert
G 05613 RColumbia Symphony OrchestraJohann Strauss
G 05620 RNew York PhilharmonicI. Strawinsky: Petruschka
G 05621 RPablo CasalsSchumann: Cellokonzert
G 05631 RPhiladelphia OrchestraB. Bartok
G 05632 RPhiladelphia OrchestraG. Bizet
G 05651 RPhiladelphia OrchestraW.A. Mozart


G 05340 RRoyal Male Choir Mastreechter StaarChristmas Carols1958?

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.