– *** Updating website ***

In the last few months I realised the website became increasingly hard to consult with all its tables, series, etc. In many cases I found it hard to determine where to categorize a record and the messy organisation in the Philips catalogue didn’t help much either. The next few weeks I will therefore try to reorganize the website and make it more accessible. I will use Philips’ own categories, indicated by the prefixes or suffixes used, as the starting point. This means the following:

A, N, L, S, G: Classical, Folklore and more
B: Jazz, American music and more
P: Popular, a receptacle of many styles and genres
D: Special releases

The prefix structure used by Philips is not always completely logical, but I’ll take it as it is, as much as possible. The page Minigroove will be updated with more general information regarding Philips’ prefixes and suffixes.

The category “Religious” has disappeared and the items formerly listed under “Religious” will move to “Classical” and (mostly) to “Popular”, depending on the prefix/suffix used.

I will minimize the use of ‘dedicated’ series as main categories. This means the data will as much as possible be integrated, depending on the prefixes/suffixes and numbers used. The series will still be available, but not for primary identification.

This page will be updated occasionally when work progresses. At times the website may look worse than it did, but eventually it will all be for the better, I hope…