– Organ Grinder’s Serenade

Images and info have been added for two (of probably four) parts of “Organ Grinder’s Serenade” – 10 inch releases featuring street-organ “The Arab” (draaiorgel “de Arabier”).

Click on the images below to see more.

– Philips P 13022 R

Added today: info and scans about Philips P 13022 R by the Kilima Hawaiians; a second issue of a 10 inch album which was released before with the same catalog number but it had a different cover.

– Two Mozart issues

I’ve added information and scans for the following Mozart 10 inch albums:

  • S 05904 R – Die Salzburger Mozartplatte, Bernhard Paumgartner
  • A 00758 R – W.A. Mozart by Hans Henkelmans

#05904 is mentioned in the “Mozart Jubilee Editon” booklet (see this post), but the album itself had no references to this Mozart series. #00758 shows the Mozart logo and more information about this series, but it’s not mentioned in the before-mentioned booklet, probably because it’s a later release. Check the issues (see links above) for more information.