– Matrix codes

The Londonjazzcollector website (with thanks to the 7tt77 website) lists matrix codes which identify the ‘lacquer cut machine number’ – it indicates what country the lacquer was cut in. It doesn’t add much to the information given on this website, but here’s a listing of these matrix codes:

  • Austria – 720
  • Australia – 150
  • Belgium – 170
  • Brazil – 200
  • Canada – 230
  • Denmark – 300
  • Far East – 022
  • France – 380
  • Germany – 320
  • Great Britain – 420
  • Hungary – 450
  • Italy – 520
  • Luxembourg – 630
  • Norway – 710
  • Netherlands – 670
  • Portugal – 790
  • South Africa – 960
  • Spain – 850
  • Sweden – 970
  • Switzerland – 980
  • Rest of the World – 000

The listing may be incomplete and may also not be completely representative for the 1950’s and early 1960’s – the Minigroove years. I noticed that on many early pressings, this code is not present at all. It was probably introduced around 1955.

From a short inspection, if the code is present, almost all Philips Minigroove albums that I have, show the 670 number. It’s also present on the few albums I have from more exotic locations, like in Africa or South America. UK pressings usually show the code 420, Italian pressings show the code 520 (but I also have an Italian album with the UK code), but I didn’t find 320, for German lacquers. I guess the vast majority of lacquers were made in the Netherlands and then shipped to foreign countries, where the stampers were made and the records were pressed.

– Philips A 00991 R

A 10 inch album which was beautifully packaged in a solid gatefold cover with photographs and information, released in 1957. Scans and info have been added to the website today.

Click on the image to see full sized images and more information.

– Philips S 06027 R

Scans and info were added for another early 10 inch issue in the Favourites-Series: S 06027 R. This release was also part of the Mozart Jubilee Edition 1756-1956 (see this post). The cover of this 10 inch album is fully laminated, indicating a first pressing (from early 1955).

– Sister Mahalia

Today, info and the images were added for Philips 429 240 BE, an EP by Mahalia Jackson and the Falls-Jones Ensemble. The recordings were originally made for Columbia in the USA.

– Philips 429 009 BE

Scans of this EP were added today. It’s a second issue of a compilation EP featuring Teddy Wilson, Erroll Garner, Joe Sullivan and Joe Bushkin. Click the image below for larger images and more details.