– Herman Krebbers

A second early and classical Philips LP as part of today’s additions: A 00132 L. This 1952 album features Herman Krebbers on Beethoven’s “Konzert Für Violine Und Orchester – D-Dur Op. 61”. An album made in the Netherlands but meant for the German market.

This album was first released in 1952, with a different (standard) cover, see below (note that the speed designation is unboxed). It was reviewed in “Het Parool” on April 12, 1952, see this link. Among its many re-releases there’s also one in Philips’ “SL series” (S 04000 L), with a different cover again (1956).

Original release of Philips A 00132 L from 1952 (source: Discogs)