– 10 inch Favourites-series

Philips began issuing the 10 inch Favourites-serie (or Favoriten-Serie) in 1954 and not in 1956. Before, I was assuming both the 10 and 12 inch series started in 1956, but that’s not correct as can be seen in this ad from “Algemeen Handelsblad”, Sept. 17, 1954. The ad announces it as a new series.

Early album covers are made of one piece and have flaps which fold over the back cover to be glued in place. This was the common construction used for early Philips albums until probably early to mid 1955. From c. mid 1954 until early to mid 1955 Philips also issued an increasing number of these covers with lamination – both the front and the back covers were laminated (while later covers were constructed differently and had lamination on the front cover only). All early first pressings in the Favourites-series (until c. S 06040 R) are fully laminated. Philips probably started using lamination for this series.