– Philips L 09403 L

Today, scans were added for Philips L 09403 L. This album comes in a nice gatefold cover with a record envelope in the middle, thus providing four pages of additional information.

– Philips L 09410 L

Scans have been added for Philips LP L 09410 L, a classical record where Zino Francescatti plays Brahms and Bruch, with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New York.

– Philips V. 30

This French LP from 1960 has only a minimal reference to Minigroove: the built-in record envelope shows the logo (embossed). Images and info were added; click on the image below to see them all.

– Philips P 10141 R

Yesterday I visited some record stores in Deventer with minimal catch: just one Philips Minigroove 10 inch album. It’s P 10141 R by the Coimbra Quintet, a Fado record. I added it to the website today and also scanned the front and back cover, and both labels. The group photo below shows a picture similar to what was probably used for the front cover (design: Ad van der Elst).

Coimbra Quintet (source: internet)

– Philips P 13001 R

Info and images were added for Philips 10 inch album P 13001 R, another children’s record, performed by Benny Vreden en de Meisjes (see photo below).

Benny Vreden en de Meisjes (source: internet)