Classical 12 inch albums (LP’s)

Below you’ll find tables for the (standard) 00100-00500, 01100-01400, 02000, 07000-08000 and 09000 series (and more), as used in several EU countries (most are Dutch or German pressings). At the end there’re tables for French and UK issues. In the UK a different numbering system was used. France also used their own numbering systems, though often the Dutch number was repeated with a point halfway (for instance A 01.172 L instead of A 01172 L). An oddity is Philips A 00491 L, a pressing from Argentina and/or Uruguay.


A 00102 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraL. Van Beethoven1951*
A 00108 LClara HaskilSchubert, Schumann1951*
N 00118 LFeike AsmaJoh. Sebastian Bach1952
A 00121 LWiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart - Masonic Music1954*
A 00132 LHerman Krebbers, Residenz-Orchester Den HaagL. van Beethoven - Konzert Für Violine Und Orchester1952*
A 00134 LClara Haskil, Residency-OrchestraRobert Schumann1952*
A 00154 LResidency-OrchestraA. Dvorak - From The New World1953
A 00162 LResidency-OrchestraS. Rachmaninoff1953*
A 00166 LHubert Barwahser, Vienna Symphony OrchestraW.A. Mozart - Two Concertos For Flute And Orchestra1954*
A 00176 LVienna Symphony OrchestraBeethoven - Symphony No. 61953*
A 00177 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraLudwig Van Beethoven - Eroica1954*
A 00180 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraBeethoven1954*
A 00182 LFeike AsmaC. Franck1954*
A 00184 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1954*
A 00188/89 LL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxLes Pêcheurs De Perles1954
A 00191 LL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxHector Berlioz1954
A 00198 LResidency-OrchestraJ. Brahms, Symphony No. 11954
A 00199 LArthur Grumiaux, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart - Two Concertos For Violin And Orchestra1954*
N 00203 LWiener Symphoniker, Wiener KammerchoirFr. Schubert - Musik Zu Rosamunde, Op. 261954?
N 00208 LHubert Barwahser, Wiener SymphonikerG. Ph. Teleman / J. Haydn1954?
A 00212 LWiener SymphonikerJoseph Haydn1954
A 00214 LBasler KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos (1)1954
A 00215 LBasler KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos (2)1954
A 00218 LConcertgebouw-OrchestraBrahms1954
A 00220 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraBeethoven1954-55
A 00228 LArthur Grumiaux, Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxE. Chausson, M. Ravel, E. Lalo1955
A 00229/30 LSoloists, Choir And Orchestra Of The Netherlands OperaLeos Janacek - Aus Einem Totenhaus1954-55?
A 00234 LAmsterdam DuoLudwig Van Beethoven, Sonata1956*
A 00237 LHans HenkemansCl. Debussy1955*
A 00239 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
A 00252 LConcertgebouw-Orchestra, AmsterdamTchaikovsky1955*
A 00258 LArthur Grumiaux, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
A 00273 LWiener SymphonikerBruckner1955
A 00280-82 L Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart, Don Giovanni1955
A 00283 LCamerata Academica Des Salzburger MozarteumsW.A. Mozart1955-56
A 00294/5 LConcertgebouw-Orchester, AmsterdamA. Bruckner1956*
A 00297/98 LRotterdam Philharmonic OrchestraMahler, Symphony No. 61956*
A 00301 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00305 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1956*
A 00306 LHubert Barwahser, a.o.W.A. Mozart, Vier Flötenquartette1956*
A 00318 LConcertgebouw OrchestraW.A. Mozart1956*
A 00329/30 LSlovenian National Opera LjubljanaMoussorgsky - Sorochintsy Fair1956
A 00331/32 LSlowenische Nationaloper LjubljanaProkofieff - Die Liebe Zu Den Drei Orangen1956
A 00339 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerMozart1956*
A 00342 LConcertgebouw-Orchester, Wiener SymphonikerHaydn, Schubert1956*
A 00351 LConcertgebouw-OrchesterJ.S. Bach1956
A 00367 LWiener SymphonikerMozart1956-57
A 00384 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00390 LConcertgebouw OrchestraBruckner1957
A 00399 LConcertgebouw OrchestraTchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4, Smetana - The Moldau1957*
A 00400 LClara Haskil, Arthur GrumiauxBeethoven, Sonaten Für Violin Und Klavier1957
A 00410/11 LNan Merriman, Ernst Häfliger, Concertgebouw-Orchester AmsterdamMahler, Das Lied Von Der Erde1957*
A 00434 LArthur Grumiaux, Concertgebouw OrchesterBeethoven - Violinkonzert D-Dur Op. 611957?
A 00440 LConcertgebouw OrchestraMozart1957
A 00441 LConcertgebouw OrchestraDebussy1957-58
A 00472 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00474 LHans Richter-Haas, Wiener SymphonikerGrieg, Schumann - Piano Concertos1958
A 00476 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00479 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00491 LOrquesta Del Concertgebouw De AmsterdamHaendel, Musica Acuatica
A 00494 LCamerata Academica des Salzburger MozarteumsW.A. Mozart, G.B. Pergolesi195?
A 00504 LConcertgebouw-OrchesterJ. Brahms, Symphonie Nr. 11959*
A 00528 LCamarata Academica Des Salzburger MozarteumsK. Ditters Von Dittersdorf - Doktor Und Apotheker1959-60
A 00536 LConcertgebouw OrchestraMoussorgsky, Borodin, Debussy, Dukas1959-60
A 00539 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"


A 01100 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New York, Philadelphia OrchestraClaude Debussy1953*
A 01106 LIsaac Stern, Royal Philharmonic OrchestraJohannes Brahms1953*
A 01115-7 LVariousPorgy And Bess1955
A 01128/9 LVera Zorina a.o., Philadelphia OrchestraJeanne D'Arc Au Bucher1955-56
A 01137 LKölner Runfunk-Symphonieorchester, Kölner Rundfunk-ChorOedipus Rex1955-56
A 01142 LRobert Casadesus, Symphony OrchestraWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1955-56
A 01150 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkG. Mahler1955-56
A 01152 LPhilharmonic Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkSchubert1955-56
A 01179 LCleveland OrchestraShostakovich, Sibelius1957
A 01188 LIsaac Stern, Alexander Schneider, Milton Katims, Pablo Casals, Paul TortelierCasals Festival At Prades 1952
A 01196 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Gesamte Streichquartette1957-58
A 01197 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Gesamte Streichquartette
A 01199 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Gesamte Streichquartette
A 01200 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Complete String Quartets
A 01208 LAlbert SchweizerJ.S. Bach
A 01209 LAlbert SchweizerJ.S. Bach
A 01214 LPhilharmonic Orchestra of New YorkMendelssohn, Tchaikovsky
A 01215 LPhilharmonic Symphony OrchestraBeethoven1956*
A 01221 LRudolf Serkin, Philadelphia OrchestraBeethoven1956
A 01238 LDavid Oistrakh, Philharmonic Orchestra of New YorkShostakovich1956*
A 01239 LDavid Oistrakh/Isaac SternA.Vivaldi/J.S. Bach1956
A 01249 LDavid Oistrakh, Philadelphia OrchestraMendelssohn, Mozart1956*
A 01251 LWestminster Choir, Philharmonische Symphonieorchester New YorkW.A. Mozart, Requiem D-Moll1957
A 01265 LLotte Lehmann, Bruno WalterSchumann - Frauenliebe Und Leben, Dichterliebe1957*
A 01291 LRobert Casadesus, Philharmonische Symphonieorchester New YorkMozart1957*
A 01394 LPhiladelphia OrchestraRespighi1959*
A 01397 LE. Power Biggs, London Philharmonic OrchestraG.F. Händel1959
A 01402 LNew York PhilharmonicMendelssohn, Haydn1959*


A 02023 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 02038 LAmati-Orchester, Isolde Ahlgrimm, Friederike BretschneiderBach, 3 Cembalo-Konzerte1960*
A 02043 LClara Haskil, Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxBeethoven1960*
A 02058 LGérard Souzay, Dalton BaldwinSchumann1960
A 02073 LClara Haskil7.1.1895 - 7.12.19601960*
N 02107 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkIppolitov-Ivanov, Borodin1955


B 07134 LVictor BorgeCaught In The Act 1956*
R 07522 LVariousPorgy And Bess (Motion Picture Production)1959*
P 08138 LVienna StringsMasterpieces For Violin1957-61?


L 09006 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
L 09008 LI MusiciBach1958
L 09011 LConcertgebouw Orchester, Eduard Van BeinumIn Memoriam Dr. Eduard Van Beinum1958
L 09399 LStuttgart Choral And Symphonic EnsembleJ.S. Bach, Magnificat1958
L 09400 LSee "Documenta Musicae"
L 09403 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkThe Beethoven Symphonies1957*
L 09407/08 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkMahler, Bruckner
L 09410 LPhiladelphia Orchestra, Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkBrahms, Bruch1958*
L 09412/13 LNew York PhilharmonicHandel, Messiah1958-59
W 09903 LSee "Documenta Musicae"
W 09904 LSee "Documenta Musicae"


D 99 893 LBruno Walter, Columbia Symphony OrchestraBruno Walter Rehearses Beethoven1960


A 01.172 LQuatuor A Cordes De BudapestF. Schubert, Quatuor No 15 En Ut Majeur Opus 1611955


ABL 3253Eileen Farrell, Columbia Symphony OrchestraMedea1958-59
ABL 3335Columbia Symphony OrchestraLe Sacre Du Printemps1961
BBL 7063LiberaceSincerely Yours

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.