Classical 12 inch albums (LP’s)

Below you’ll find tables for the (standard) 00100-00500, 01100-01400, 02000, 07000-08000 and 09000 series (and more), as used in several EU countries (most are Dutch or German pressings). At the end there’s a table for UK issues – in the UK a different numbering system was used.


A 00102 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraL. Van Beethoven1951/52*
A 00108 LClara HaskilSchubert, Schumann1952*
N 00118 LFeike AsmaJoh. Sebastian Bach1952
A 00121 LWiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart - Masonic Music1954*
A 00132 LHerman Krebbers, Residenz-Orchester Den HaagL. van Beethoven - Konzert Für Violine Und Orchester1952*
A 00134 LClara Haskil, Residency-OrchestraRobert Schumann1952*
A 00154 LResidency-OrchestraA. Dvorak - From The New World1953
A 00162 LResidency-OrchestraS. Rachmaninoff1953*
A 00166 LHubert Barwahser, Vienna Symphony OrchestraW.A. Mozart - Two Concertos For Flute And Orchestra1954*
A 00176 LVienna Symphony OrchestraBeethoven - Symphony No. 61953*
A 00177 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraLudwig Van Beethoven - Eroica1954*
A 00180 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraBeethoven1954*
A 00182 LFeike AsmaC. Franck1954*
A 00184 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1954*
A 00188/89 LL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxLes Pêcheurs De Perles1954
A 00191 LL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxHector Berlioz1954
A 00198 LResidency-OrchestraJ. Brahms, Symphony No. 11954
A 00199 LArthur Grumiaux, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart - Two Concertos For Violin And Orchestra1954*
N 00203 LWiener Symphoniker, Wiener KammerchoirFr. Schubert - Musik Zu Rosamunde, Op. 261954?
N 00208 LHubert Barwahser, Wiener SymphonikerG. Ph. Teleman / J. Haydn1954?
A 00212 LWiener SymphonikerJoseph Haydn1954
A 00214 LBasler KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos (1)1954
A 00215 LBasler KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concertos (2)1954
A 00218 LConcertgebouw-OrchestraBrahms1954
A 00220 LBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraBeethoven1954-55
A 00229/30 LSoloists, Choir And Orchestra Of The Netherlands OperaLeos Janacek - Aus Einem Totenhaus1954-55?
A 00234 LAmsterdam DuoLudwig Van Beethoven, Sonata1956*
A 00237 LHans HenkemansCl. Debussy1955*
A 00239 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
A 00252 LConcertgebouw-Orchestra, AmsterdamTchaikovsky1955*
A 00258 LArthur Grumiaux, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
A 00273 LWiener SymphonikerBruckner1955
A 00280-82 L Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart, Don Giovanni1955
A 00294/5 LConcertgebouw-Orchester, AmsterdamA. Bruckner1956*
A 00297/98 LRotterdam Philharmonic OrchestraMahler, Symphony No. 61956*
A 00301 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00305 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1956*
A 00306 LHubert Barwahser, a.o.W.A. Mozart, Vier Flötenquartette1956*
A 00318 LConcertgebouw OrchestraW.A. Mozart1956*
A 00329/30 LSlovenian National Opera LjubljanaMoussorgsky - Sorochintsy Fair1956
A 00331/32 LSlowenische Nationaloper LjubljanaProkofieff - Die Liebe Zu Den Drei Orangen1956
A 00339 LHans Henkemans, Wiener SymphonikerMozart1956*
A 00342 LConcertgebouw-Orchester, Wiener SymphonikerHaydn, Schubert1956*
A 00351 LConcertgebouw-OrchesterJ.S. Bach1956
A 00367 LWiener SymphonikerMozart1956-57
A 00384 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00390 LConcertgebouw OrchestraBruckner1957
A 00399 LConcertgebouw OrchestraTchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4, Smetana - The Moldau1957*
A 00400 LClara Haskil, Arthur GrumiauxBeethoven, Sonaten Für Violin Und Klavier1957
A 00434 LArthur Grumiaux, Concertgebouw OrchesterBeethoven - Violinkonzert D-Dur Op. 611957?
A 00440 LConcertgebouw OrchestraMozart1957
A 00441 LConcertgebouw OrchestraDebussy1957-58
A 00472 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00474 LHans Richter-Haas, Wiener SymphonikerGrieg, Schumann - Piano Concertos1958
A 00476 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00479 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 00491 LOrquesta Del Concertgebouw De AmsterdamHaendel, Musica Acuatica
A 00494 LCamerata Academica des Salzburger MozarteumsW.A. Mozart, G.B. Pergolesi195?
A 00504 LConcertgebouw-OrchesterJ. Brahms, Symphonie Nr. 11959*
A 00528 LCamarata Academica Des Salzburger MozarteumsK. Ditters Von Dittersdorf - Doktor Und Apotheker1959-60
A 00536 LConcertgebouw OrchestraMoussorgsky, Borodin, Debussy, Dukas1959-60
A 00539 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"


A 01100 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New York, Philadelphia OrchestraClaude Debussy1953*
A 01106 LIsaac Stern, Royal Philharmonic OrchestraJohannes Brahms1953*
A 01115-7 LVariousPorgy And Bess1955
A 01128/9 LVera Zorina a.o., Philadelphia OrchestraJeanne D'Arc Au Bucher1955-56
A 01142 LRobert Casadesus, Symphony OrchestraWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1955-56
A 01150 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkG. Mahler1955-56
A 01152 LPhilharmonic Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkSchubert1955-56
A 01179 LCleveland OrchestraShostakovich, Sibelius1957
A 01188 LIsaac Stern, Alexander Schneider, Milton Katims, Pablo Casals, Paul TortelierCasals Festival At Prades 1952
A 01197 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Gesamte Streichquartette
A 01199 LBudapester StreichquartettBeethoven Gesamte Streichquartette
A 01208 LAlbert SchweizerJ.S. Bach
A 01214 LPhilharmonic Orchestra of New YorkMendelssohn, Tchaikovsky
A 01215 LPhilharmonic Symphony OrchestraBeethoven1956*
A 01238 LDavid Oistrakh, Philharmonic Orchestra of New YorkShostakovich1956*
A 01239 LDavid Oistrakh/Isaac SternA.Vivaldi/J.S. Bach1956
A 01249 LDavid Oistrakh, Philadelphia OrchestraMendelssohn, Mozart1956*
A 01251 LWestminster Choir, Philharmonische Symphonieorchester New YorkW.A. Mozart, Requiem D-Moll1957
A 01265 LLotte Lehmann, Bruno WalterSchumann - Frauenliebe Und Leben, Dichterliebe1957*
A 01291 LRobert Casadesus, Philharmonische Symphonieorchester New YorkMozart1957*
A 01397 LE. Power Biggs, London Philharmonic OrchestraG.F. Händel1959-60?
A 01402 LNew York PhilharmonicMendelssohn, Haydn1959*


A 02023 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
A 02038 LAmati-Orchester, Isolde Ahlgrimm, Friederike BretschneiderBach, 3 Cembalo-Konzerte1960*
A 02043 LClara Haskil, Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxBeethoven1960*
A 02058 LGérard Souzay, Dalton BaldwinSchumann1960
A 02073 LClara Haskil7.1.1895 - 7.12.19601960*
N 02107 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkIppolitov-Ivanov, Borodin1955


B 07134 LVictor BorgeCaught In The Act 1956*
P 08138 LVienna StringsMasterpieces For Violin1957-61?


L 09006 LSee "Monumenta Italicae Musicae"
L 09008 LI MusiciBach1958
L 09011 LConcertgebouw Orchester, Eduard Van BeinumIn Memoriam Dr. Eduard Van Beinum1959
L 09400 LSee "Documenta Musicae"
L 09403 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkThe Beethoven Symphonies1957*
L 09407/08 LPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkMahler, Bruckner
L 09410 LPhiladelphia Orchestra, Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkBrahms, Bruch1958*
L 09412/13 LNew York PhilharmonicHandel, Messiah1958-59
W 09903 LSee "Documenta Musicae"
W 09904 LSee "Documenta Musicae"


D 99 893 LBruno Walter, Columbia Symphony OrchestraBruno Walter Rehearses Beethoven1960


ABL 3253Eileen Farrell, Columbia Symphony OrchestraMedea1958-59
ABL 3335Columbia Symphony OrchestraLe Sacre Du Printemps1961
BBL 7063LiberaceSincerely Yours

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.