Jazz 12 inch albums (LP’s)

Below you’ll find tables for the (standard) 07000 and 08000 series (and more), as used in several EU countries (most are Dutch or German pressings) and at the end there are two other tables: one for UK issues (in the UK a different numbering system was used) and one for late German pressings (issued in Germany only, most or all were released after the Dutch mother company had dropped the Minigroove logo – German pressings with the Minigroove logo can be found as late as 1964).


B 07000/1 LBenny GoodmanThe Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert
B 07002 LSee "The Bessie Smith Story"
B 07004 LSee "The Bessie Smith Story"
B 07006/7 LBenny GoodmanJazz Concert No. 21953
B 07008 LDuke Ellington and his OrchestraEllington Uptown1953
B 07010 LBenny GoodmanBenny Goodman Presents: Eddy Sauter Arrangements1953*
B 07011 LBenny GoodmanBenny Goodman Presents: Fletcher Henderson Arrangements1953*
B 07015 LSee "Giant Jazz Gallery"
B 07018 LJimmie LuncefordLunceford Special1954
B 07019 LLouis Armstrong and his OrchestraLouis Armstrong And Earl Hines / Louis Armstrong Favourites
B 07022 LSee "Giant Jazz Gallery"
B 07023 LEddie Condon's All-Stars, Rampart Street ParadersCoast-To-Coast Jam Session1954*
B 07024 LBenny GoodmanThe New Benny Goodman Sixtet1954*
B 07025 LDave Brubeck QuartetJazz Goes To College1955*
B 07032 LBuck ClaytonHow Hi The Fi, A Buck Clayton Jam Session1955
B 07033 LMichel LegrandI Love Paris1955
B 07035 LTurk Murphy and his Jazz BandWhen The Saints Go Marchin' In1955
B 07038 LLouis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy1955
B 07042 LDave BrubeckAt Storyville: 19541955
B 07044 LEddie Condon and his All-StarsJammin’ At Condon’s1955*
B 07049 LPete Rugolo and his OrchestraAdventures In Rhythm1955*
B 07056 LSee "Dance Series"
B 07057 LMel PowellJam Session At Carnegie Hall1955
B 07059 LBuck ClaytonBuck Clayton Jams Benny Goodman Favourites1955
B 07077 LMahalia JacksonThe World’s Greatest Gospel Singer1955*
B 07080 LRampart Street ParadersRampart And Vine1955
B 07084 LChu BerryChu1955
B 07085 LLouis Armstrong Satch Plays Fats1955
B 07.101 LPaul WestonMusique Douce... Pour Minuit...1956
B 07107 LDave Brubeck QuartetJazz Red Hot And Cool1956*
B 07109 LSee "This Is Jazz"
B 07121 LPaul WestonChampagne Wine1956
B 07131 LVillegasPiano Adventures In Jazz1956
B 07138 LLouis Armstrong und seine All-StarsAmbassador Satch1956
B 07147 LPaul WestonSolo Mood1956
B 07148 LVariousJazz1956
B 07150 LRampart Street ParadersDixieland My Dixieland1956
B 07153 LWild Bill DavisonPretty Wild1956
B 07155 LErroll GarnerThe Garner Touch1957*
B 07163 LBuck ClaytonAll The Cats Join In, A Buck Clayton Jam Session1957
B 07169 LDave BrubeckBrubeck Plays Brubeck1957
B 07170 LErroll GarnerConcert By The Sea1957*
B 07175 LJazz Messengersno title1957*
B 07179 LRuby Braffno title1957
B 07181 LLouis Armstrong and his Hot Fiveno title1957
B 07183 LSee "This Is Jazz"
B 07198 LMiles Davisno title1957
B 07207 LDave Brubeck, Jay and KaiAt Newport1957*
B 07217 LVariousTop Twelve1957
B 07222 LEarl Fatha Hinesno title1957
B 07231 LHi-Lo'sno title1957
B 07235 LJimmy RushingThe Jazz Odyssey Of Jimmy Rushing1958
B 07253 LDuke EllingtonA Drum Is A Woman1958
B 07278 LDuke EllingtonSuch Sweet Thunder1958*
B 07305 LDoris DayDay By Night1958
B 07337 LDuke Ellington and his Orchestra, feat. Mahalia JacksonBlack, Brown And Beige1958*
B 07364 LSee "The Duke Ellington Story"
B 07373 LMichel LegrandLegrand Jazz1959
B 07379 LMahalia JacksonNewport Jazz Festival 1958 - Sunday At Newport1959
B 07428 LJohnny Dodd and Kid Oryno title1958
B 07508 LDuke EllingtonAt The Bal Masque1959*
B 07519 LBenny GoodmanFour, Five And Six1959
B 07521 LLester Young (w. Count Basie, Billie Holiday)The Immortal Lester Young1959*
B 07559 LErroll Garner TrioGarner's Best195?


B 08000 LSee "Behind The Dikes"
B 08001 LDutch Swing College BandSwing College At Home1955
B 08005 LDutch Swing College BandJazz At The Seaport1957
B 08006 LRita ReysThe Cool Voice Of Rita Reys 1957
B 08007 LHerbie Mann, Wessel Ilcken ComboSalute To The Flute1957*
B 08023 LDutch Swing College BandJazz At The Concertgebouw Amsterdam1958
B 08102 LBig Bill Broonzyno title1956
B 08107 LLionel Hampton and his RhythmHampton And The Old World1956?
P 08114 LJan Corduwener and his OrchestraAmong My Souvenirs195?
B 08 405LVariousWas Ist Jazz?1958
P 08409 LVariousDance To The Hits1959*


R 13602 LVariousThis Wonderful World Of Jazz1960?
P 77304 LMichel LegrandBonjour Paris1956-57
P 77314 LMichel LegrandLegrand In Rio1957


BBL 7007Judy GarlandA Star Is Born1954
BBL 7015Lionel HamptonApollo Hall Concert 19541954?
BBL 7031Eddie Condon and his All-StarsJammin' At Condon's
BBL 7032Buck ClaytonA Buck Clayton Jam Session
BBL 7150Kai Winding and his SeptetThe Trombone Sound
BBL 7163Ellington Sidemenno title1957
BBL 7171Dave Brubeck QuartetJazz Imnpressions Of The U.S.A.1957
BBL 7172Charlie Christian with the Benny Goodman Sextet and Orchestrano title1957
BBL 7197Doris DayThe Pajama Game1957
BBL 7217Buck Clayton and his All StarsBuck Clayton Special1958
BBL 7239Art van Damme QuintetManhattan Time1958
BBL 7275Kai Winding SeptetTrombone Panorama1958
BBL 7313Erroll GarnerParis Impressions, Vol. 11958-59
BBL 7314Erroll GarnerParis Impressions, Vol. 21958-59
BBL 7317Buck Clayton with his All-StarsSongs For Swingers1959
BBL 7360Jimmy RushingRushing Lullabies1960
BBL 7431See "Thesaurus Of Classic Jazz"
BBL 7433See "Thesaurus Of Classic Jazz"
BBL 7523Erroll GarnerDreamstreet1961

Germany, c. 1960-64 (?):

P 08 602 LHans-Arno SimonContinental Hit Parade1960-61
P 08 625 LBéla Sanders und sein TanzorchesterBrillante Tanzmusik1961
P 48 095 LVariousJazz Workshop Concert1964

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.