Other 10 inch albums

Below you’ll find tables for the (standard) 07000, 10000-13000, 600 000, 76000 and 76.000 series (and more). Most are Dutch or German issues, the 76.000 and 08.000 series feature French issues.


B 07653 RSee "Popular Favourites"
B 07654 RTrio Los PanchosVaya Con Dios And Other Hits1954*
B 07675 RSee Classical 10 inch albums (Other)
B 07681 RXavier Cugat, Abbe LaneMeet Xavier Cugat And Abbe Lane1954*
B 07703 RTrio Los PanchosBolero Queridos1955*
B 07730 RVariousMambo Much Mambo195?
B 07732 RSee Classical 10 inch albums (Other)
B 07758 RTrio Los PanchosAsi Cantan Los Panchos195?
B 07763 RSee "Popular Favourites"
B 07776 RTrio Los PanchosSombreros Y Guitarras1957
B 07790 RNorman Luboff ChoirJust A Song...1958
B 07805 RNorman Luboff ChoirCalypso Holiday195?
B 07808 RCalypso Carnivalno title195?
B 07812 RDe Paur Infantry ChorusChristmas In The Caribbean195?


P 10001 RSee "Latin American Rhythm With Malando (10 & 12 inch)"
P 10004 RHotcha TrioHarmonica Hightlights1952?
P 10005 RKilima HawaiiansMusic Of The Pacific1952*
P 10007 RBand Of The Royal Netherlands' NavyMusic By The Marines1952*
P 10010 RJohnny MeyerAccordion Cocktail1952*
P 10011 RVariousWiener Schnitzel1952
P 10012 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10013 RDolf van der Linden and his Metropole-OrchestraString Serenade1952?
P 10016 RVariousSongs Of The South1952*
P 10017 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10021 RVeres Lajos and his Hungarian OrchestraGipsy Souvenirs1953?
P 10025 RSee "Jacksons' Parade"
P 10027 RJohnny MeyerSpotlight On The Accordion1953
P 10031 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10035 RSee "Wij Vieren Feest"
P 10036 RSee "Latin American Rhythm With Malando (10 & 12 inch)"
P 10037 RTiroler Holzhacker Bub'nAlpen Klänge Nr. 11954*
P 10039 RVariousTropical Memories1954
P 10044 R---Four Mighty Bronze Voices Of The Low Countries1954
P 10049 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10052 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10053 RVariousRhythmic Ramble1954
P 10055 RJos CleberJos Cleber presents his Cosmopolitain-Orchestra1954*
P 10056 RSee "Wij Vieren Feest"
P 10057 RSee "Latin American Rhythm With Malando (10 & 12 inch)"
P 10058 RProf. Dr. G. StuivelingDichters Van Noord En Zuid1954*
P 10059 RProf. Dr. G. StuivelingDichters Van Noord En Zuid1954*
P 10062 RVeres Lajos and his Hungarian OrchestraGipsy Souvenirs No. 21954*
P 10065 RSee "Jacksons' Parade"
P 10066 RDraaiorgel "De Arabier"Organ Grinder's Serenade1954-55*
P 10068 RMarinierskapel der Koninklijke MarineHolland's Taptoe195?
P 10071 RThom KellingFiesta Latina195?
P 10075 RSee "Popular Parade"
P 10085 RWim SonneveldSsst, Wim Sonneveld Zingt195?
P 10090 RSee "Music By The Marines"
P 10093 RVeres Lajos and his Hungarian OrchestraGipsy Souvenirs No. 31956
P 10094 RDraaiorgel "De Arabier"Organ Grinder's Serenade, No. 2195?
P 10095 RSee "Take Your Partner"
P 10098 RSee "Jacksons' Parade"
P 10113 RTrio "Los Paraguayos"Bajo El Cielo Del Paraguay1956*
B 10116 RLos ChilenosFiesta Linda1956
P 10122 RJuan Serrano and his Carribean Combono title195?
P 10141 RCoimbra QuintetSerenata De Coimbra1958*
P 10144 RJuan Serrano and his Carribean ComboCall Of The Caribbean195?
P 10159 RSee "Continental Jukebox"
P 10170 RVariousMarching Through Europe1957*
P 10173 RVariousDrop In For Variety1957
P 10201 RSee "Klingende Kostbarkeiten"
P 10225 RAfred Hause and his OrchestraMidnight Party1957*
P 10 354 RWiener SängerknabenWanderlieder Mit Den Wiener Sängerknaben195?
P 10405 RTrio "Los Paraguayos"Paraguayan Songs, No. 21956*
P 10409 ROrchestre Musette CentreFarandoles Wallonnes195?
P 10420 RGrote SalamanderVlaamse Studentenliederen195?
P 10437 RDigno Garcia and his Trio From Paraguayno title195?
P 10442 RKoor en Orkest o.l.v. Francis BayTrekkersliederen195?
P 10600 RZarzuelaPasodobles195?
P 10902 RSee "Johnny Hoes Presenteert..."
P 10910 RVariousDe Vrolijke Bruiloft1959*
P 10912 RVariousTien Jaar Nederlandse Successen1959
P 10919 RWilly AlbertiPiove1959
P 10920 RSchriebl/HuppertsFeest Met Schriebl/Hupperts195?
P 10922 RWim SonneveldSonneveld Zingt Davids1959-60
P 10928 RHaags KinderkoorVrolijk Kerstfeest, No. 2195?
P 10947 RHotcha TrioHotchas Go Latin1958-59?
P 13001 RBenny Vreden en de MeisjesBarend Bluf No. 21957*
P 13004 RSee "Wij Vieren Feest"
P 13022 RKilima HawaiiansMusic From The Pacific, No. 2195?
P 13032 RSee "Music By The Marines"
P 13036 RSee "Jacksons' Parade"
P 13039 RChristine Spierenburg, Bert Robbe, Benedict Silberman and his OrchestraSouvenirs From Showland195?
P 13060 RAccordeon-Duo Bex/MentenKom D'r In1959
P 13099 RHappy RanchersThe Happy Ranch1960*
P 13401 RVariousCatchy Rhythms From Nigeria, Vol. 21960*

600 000:

P 600 307 RMalando and his Tango-OrchestraMalando's Favourite Tangos1960-61
P 600 309 RVariousTien Jaar Limburgse Successen1960-61
P 600 312 RVariousWe Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis1960-61

76000 (French series, Dutch pressings):

P 76000 RJuliette GrecoJuliette Greco Chante Ses Derniers Succès1952-53
P 76001 RPatachouPatachou Chante Ses Derniers Succès1954
P 76002 RHenry LecaHenry Leca Joue Ses Derniers Succès1954
P 76003 RLucienne BoyerLucienne Boyer Chante Ses Derniers Succès1954
P 76005 RMouloudjiMouloudji Chante Ses Derniers Succès1954
P 76010 RPatachouPatachou Chante... Brassens1954*
P 76020 RJuliette GrecoJuliette Greco Chante...1954?
P 76024 RCatherine SauvageCatherine Sauvage Chante Léo Ferré1954*
P 76030 RPatachouPatachou Chante Aux Variétés1955*
P 76038 RHenri SalvadorHenri Salvador Chante A Pleyel1955*
P 76061 RGeorges BrassensNo. 1 (Georges Brassens Et Sa Guitare)
P 76063 RGeorges BrassensNo. 3 (Georges Brassens Et Sa Guitare)
P 76064 RGeorges BrassensNo. 4 (Georges Brassens Et Sa Guitare)
P 76080 RVariousUne Nuit De Cabaret A Paris1956
P 76406 RVariousCa, C'est Paris1957*
P 76429 RVariousLa Ronde De Paris

76.000 (French series and pressings):

P 76.005 RMouloudjiMouloudji Chante Ses Derniers Succès1954?
N 76.021 RQuatre Barbusno title
N 76.054 RPerez PradoLe Roi Du Mambo Et Du Cha-Cha-Cha
B 76.058 RLes Frères JacquesLes Frères Jacques Chantent...
N 76.061 RGeorges BrassensNo. 1 (Georges Brassens Chante Les Chansons Poétiques)
N 76.062 RGeorges BrassensNo. 2 (G. Brassens)
N 76.064 RGeorges BrassensNo. 4 (Georges Brassens Et Sa Guitare)
N 76.096 RZizi Jeanmaire avec Michel Legrand et son OrchestreZizi a l'Alhambra
P 76.119 RMusique De La Légion Etrangère, Musique De l'Armée de l'AirHuit Célèbres Marches Militaires Françaises1955*
B 76.418 RGuy BéartGuy Béart Chante Avec Ses Amis, No. 1
B 76.434 RGuy BéartGuy Béart, Volume 2
B 76.499 RGuy BéartGuy Béart, No, 3
B 76.470 RVariousOrfeu Negro1959-60
B 76.500 RJacques EsterelArtisan En Chansons1960?

08.000 (French):

P 08.300 RTrio Los Paraguayosno title1957
P 08.301 RVariousEn Flanant A Luna-Park1958

8000 (UK):

BBR 8005Geraldo and his New Concert OrchestraTango Time


no numberVariousTest Record For Radio Gramophones1952
D 99545 RVariousHi-Q, Philips Demonstratieplaat1956*
A 00991 RSoviet Ballet MoïsseievSeven Folkdances From U.S.S.R.1957*

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.