– Philips Colombia

Earlier, I paid some attention to Philips albums from Chile (see this post) and now another South American country is in the spotlight: Colombia. I recently acquired four Philips Minigroove albums from that country, all missing the cover, but interesting nevertheless and I got the strong impression there’s an almost unknown world out there to discover. Albums from South America, especially from the 1950’s and early 1960’s, are seldom seen and only a few have been listed on Discogs. Many titles must have been released there though, concerning both international and local artists, and I hope to find more of them. If you can help, be sure to contact me.

Here’s what I found and you can click on the images to see larger images (both labels) and more details.

P 08043 L: Dutch artist Jan Corduwener made it to Colombia, with an album I’ve never seen in a Dutch pressing
630 580 PL: Joey Dee & the Starlighters, a rock & roll album originally released on Roulette
P 631 805 L: Colombian artists Luis Ariel Rey and Berenice Chaves, a release meant for the Colombian market
P 631 807 L: A Colombian jazz album by the Luis Rovira Sexteto (this one can be found on Discogs).