Classical 10 inch albums

Below you’ll find tables for the (standard) 00100, 00600-00700, 01600, 02600 and 10000-13000 series (and more), as used in several EU countries (most are Dutch or German pressings).

The 00100 series was initially used for both 10 inch and 12 inch albums. After c. number A 00138 R, the 10 inch series continued with the 00600 and 00700 series. The 12 inch series continued with the 00100 series, which was followed by the 00200 – 00500 series.


A 00103 RHerman Schey, Residency-OrchestraG. Mahler: Kindertotenlieder1952
A 00106 RCor de GrootChopin Recital No. I1951*
N 00107 RResidency-OrchestraRosamunde Music, Kol Nidrei1951*
A 00111 RBerlin Philharmonic OrchestraW.A. Mozart: Symphony Nr. 35 (“Haffner”)1951*
A 00112 RNap de Klein, Alice HekschW.A. Mozart1952
A 00134 RClara Haskil, Residency-OrchestraSchumann, Pianoconcerto In A Minor Op. 541953


A 00603 RConcertgebouw OrchestraTchaikovsky1952
A 00604 RConcertgebouw OrchestraSchubert - Symphony No. 81952*
A 00606 RWiener Sängerknabenno title1952
A 00607 RConcertgebouw OrchestraMoussorgsky/Ravel1952*
A 00608 RConcertgebouw-OrchestraRichard Strauss1952*
A 00609 RTheo van der PasBeethoven1952
A 00610 RJo VincentFavourite Songs1952
N 00612 RNational Yugoslav DancetheatreYugoslav Rhapsody1952
N 00618 RRoyal Male Choir Mastreechter StaarChristmas Carols 11952
N 00619 RKoninklijke Zangvereniging Mastreechter StaarKerstliederen1952*
N 00626 RLuise Walker, Vienna Symphony OrchestraConcerto For Guitar And Orchestra1953
N 00628 RVienna Symphony OrchestraJohann Strauss, Josef Strauss1953
N 00630 ROtto Edelmann, Vienna Symphony OrchestraOpera Highlights1953
N 00639 RMaria Morales, Leopold Simoneau, Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxOpera Highlights1953
A 00642 RVienna Symphony OrchestraJoh. Chr. Bach1953-54
N 00644 RNicolas Tikhomiroff, Choir der Russisch-Orthodoxen Kirche ParisRussische Kirchenmusik1953-54
A 00646 RCor de Groot, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1954
A 00650 RAlexander Uninsky, Residency-OrchestraSerge Prokofiev1954
A 00651 RAlexander Uninsky, Residency OrchestraChopin1953*
A 00653 RAlexander UninskyChopin, Recital No. 21954
A 00656 RIngrid HaeblerMozart - Two Pariser Sonatas1953-54*
A 00658/59 RResidency-OrchestraAnton Bruckner1953-54
N 00662 RSem Dresden/Alph. Diepenbrock, Residency-OrchestraDance Flashes For Orchestra, Elektra1953*
N 00663 RPierrette Alarie, L'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxBerühmte Französische Opernarien1954
A 00668 RVienna Symphony OrchestraA. Corelli, Francesco Manfredini, G.F. Handel1954*
A 00670 RL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxS. Prokofieff1954
A 00672 RAlexander Uninsky, Residency-OrchestraTchaikovsky1954
A 00674 RL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxL. Delibes: Ballet1954
A 00676 RVienna Symphony OrchestraW.A. Mozart1954
A 00677 RCor de Groot, Residency-OrchestraMorton Gould's Interplay And Spirituals1954*
N 00682 RVienna Chamber ChoirDa Venosa, Hindemith1954
N 00683 RMurray Dickie, John PritchardFolk And Traditional Songs1954
A 00684 RThoma Magyar, Wiener SymphonikerA. Khachaturian1954
A 00687 RTibor de Machula, Wiener SymphonikerAntonin Dvôrak1954*
A 00689 RAbbey Simon, Residency OrchestraE. Grieg1954
A 00690 RAmsterdam Piano QuintetForellen Quintet1954*
N 00694 RWiener Sängerknabenno title1954
A 00696 RWiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1954
A 00698 RRichard Schönhofer, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart - Concerto For Clarinet1954*
N 00703 RL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxA. Luigini, C. Saint-Saëns1954
A 00704 RJean Doyen, L'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxCésar Franck, Gabriel Fauré1954
A 00710 RAlexander UninskyChopin: 12 Etudes Opus 101954
A 00715 RFeike Asma, Residency-OrchestraC. Saint-Saëns1954*
N 00717 RSlovenski Oktet From LjubljanaYugoslav Folk Songs1954*
A 00718 RCor de Groot, Wiener SymphonikerBeethoven1954
A 00719 RBasler KammerorchesterJ.S. Bach1955
A 00720 RConcertgebouw OrchestraL. Van Beethoven - Symphony No. 21955
A 00721 RConcertgebouw OrchestraSchumann - Symphony No. 31955*
A 00723 RConcertgebouw OrchestraJoh. Brahms: Serenade In A Major Op. 161955*
N 00726 RWiener Sängerknabenno title1955
A 00734 RResidency-Orchestra, Erna SpoorenbergE. Grieg - Peer Gynt Suites1955*
A 00737 RL'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxFauré, Debussy
A 00741 RArthur Grumiaux, L'Orchestre Des Concerts LamoureuxNicolò Paganini1954*
N 00745 RVariousOriginal Greek Folk Songs And Dances
A 00749 RL'Orchestre Des Concerts Lamoureux, a.o.Honegger - Une Cantate De Noël1954-55
A 00750 RArthur Grumiaux, Wiener SymphonikerGrumiaux Playing Medelssohn's Concerto For Violin And Orchestra
A 00751 RThoma Magyar, Wiener SymphonikerDvorak1955*
A 00752 RClara Haskil, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955-56*
A 00753 RClara Haskil, Wiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1955*
A 00758 RHans HenkemansW.A. Mozart1956*
N 00761 RCor de GrootModern Spanish Music1956
A 00766 RBerliner PhilharmonikerVan Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 51956
A 00768 RCamerata Academica Des Salzburger MozarteumsMozart1956*
A 00775 RClara HaskilRobert Schumann1956*
A 00779 RWiener SymphonikerW.A. Mozart1956
A 00782 RArthur Grumiaux, Chamber Orchestra GullerJ.S. Bach1956
A 00991 RSoviet Ballet MoïsseievSeven Folkdances From U.S.S.R.1957*


A 01600 RRudolf Serkin, Philadelphia OrchestraW.A. Mozart - Concert No. 20 In D Minor1953*
A 01602 RPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkBeethoven: Symphony No. 81953*
A 01606 RBudapest String QuartetRavel - Quartet In F Major1954
A 01609 RZino Francescatti, Robert CasedesusBeethoven: Kreutzer1954
A 01610 RZino Francescatti, Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New YorkMax Bruch1954
A 01615 RZino Francescatti, Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New YorkTchaikovsky1955*
A 01617 RPablo Casals, Prades Festival OrchestraSchumann Concerto1955*
A 01618 RRobert CasadesusRobert Casadesus Plays Beethoven1955*
A 01620 RRobert, Gaby and Jean Casadesus, Philharmonic-Symphony OrchestraJohann Sebastian Bach1955
A 01623 RPhilharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New YorkJ. Brahms: Symphony No. 3 In F Major Op. 901955
A 01632 RBudapest String QuartetBeethoven Complete String Quartets1956-57
A 01641 RPhiladelphia OrchestraC. Franck1956*


N 02600 RColumbia Chamber Orchestra, Columbia Symphony OrchestraD. Milhaud, A. Copland1953*
N 02605 RAndré Kostelanetz En Zijn OrkestS. Prokofieff - Peter En De Wolf


P 10214 REmmerich Kálmán, Fred RaymondGräfin Mariza, Maske In Blau1954*
P 10215 RAcademy Chamber Choir and the Vienna Broadcasting OrchestraFranz Lehar, Selections From Two Light Operas1955*

The first issue listed below was issued in 1952 according to a newspaper article on It kind of makes a mess of the numbering as the 10200 issues (see above) is from 1953-54.

P 10300 RVienna Broadcasting Orchestra, Vienna State Opera OrchestraVienna Calling, No. 11952*
P 10305 RVienna Broadcasting OrchestraExcerpts of Der Zarewitsch, Die Czardasfürstin1953

UK issues:

ABR 4027Hague Philharmonic OrchestraGrieg: Peer Gynt (Suites 1 and 2)


no numberVariousTest Record For Radio Gramophones1952
S 06100 RWiener SymphonikerMozart Miniatuur1956*
B 07675 RLiberaceConcertos For You1956
B 07732 RVictor BorgeComedy In Music1955*
A 00991 RSoviet Ballet MoïsseievSeven Folkdances From U.S.S.R.1957*
P 76412 RAndré Popp en zijn Orkest, Cruys VoorberghDe Ontdekkingsreis Van Piccolo en Saxo1957*

* An asterisk means the year of release has been confirmed.