– Philips V. 30

This French LP from 1960 has only a minimal reference to Minigroove: the built-in record envelope shows the logo (embossed). Images and info were added; click on the image below to see them all.

– Philips P 10141 R

Yesterday I visited some record stores in Deventer with minimal catch: just one Philips Minigroove 10 inch album. It’s P 10141 R by the Coimbra Quintet, a Fado record. I added it to the website today and also scanned the front and back cover, and both labels. The group photo below shows a picture similar to what was probably used for the front cover (design: Ad van der Elst).

Coimbra Quintet (source: internet)

– Philips P 13001 R

Info and images were added for Philips 10 inch album P 13001 R, another children’s record, performed by Benny Vreden en de Meisjes (see photo below).

Benny Vreden en de Meisjes (source: internet)

– Philips S 06010 R

Another classical issue: Philips S 06010 R. Images have been added and from Delpher.nl it became clear this one was originally released in 1954, the same year Philips started the Favorites-Series, where this album is part of.

– Philips P 10013 R

Images are added for (probably) a repress of Philips P 10013 R. The first version has gold text on blue labels, where this one has silver text on blue labels. It does have the paper sleeve (non-laminated) with flaps folded over and glued to the back cover. It was most likely first released in 1952; the release number can be found on Delpher, in “Het Binnenhof” (Nov. 29, 1952), but the paper cannot be seen online.

– Philips S 06.671 R

Added today: images of a French 10inch album in the “Classiques Pour Tous” series. This series is connected to the Favourites-Series, but it has a different cover lay-out. Discogs says this album is from 1957, indicating that “87” (in “Imp. J.A.T. 87” as printed on the back cover) means the album is from August (8), 1957 (7). Could be true, but I’d like to see some more information. In the Netherlands and Germany, this album was released as Philips G 05608 R, most likely from 1959 (though earlier Dutch/German issues may exist – with number S 06671 R…!?).

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